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ACCURA V.92 RS-232
Model H08-15328

The Hayes ACCURA V.92 RS-232 faxmodem affords users the efficiency and convenience of next generation 56K. V.92 is the new ITU (International Communications Union) standard that takes 56K to the next level of speed and performance. This fully featured faxmodem also conforms to the new V.44 compression standard to make the online experience faster, more enjoyable and more productive.

The Hayes ACCURA V.92 RS-232 faxmodem features an on-board Controller and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for maximum performance. This modem is also compatible with the V.90 standard for compatibility with present and future 56K online services.


Drivers and INFs

Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP universal driver setup program (.exe file) (self-extracting) for our Hayes ACCURA V.92 RS-232 faxmodem. This is the same driver setup included on Hayes CD PN: 289-00053-A. If the InstallShield does not begin after extracting, run Setup.exe.

  Mac OS users, click here to download the Hayes modems scripts (CCLs) for use with OT/PPP, ARA, and Internet Connect (OS X).


firmware version 110701B-B for our ACCURA V.92 RS-232 faxmodem (.exe file) (self-extracting) This firmware is the same as the previous version (110701-D) but is optimized for Modem-on-Hold. It will also install an updated Modem-on-Hold application.

Note: To determine the current firmware version of your modem, open a terminal program such as HyperTerminal and select the modem name/type or the port assigned to the modem. Then type the command ATI3 (or ati3) and press Return.


Hayes support files are available in PDF format and can be opened using Adobe Acrobat software. These documents retain all of their formatting, charts and graphics, and are viewable on most operating systems and platforms with free viewers available from Adobe Systems.

Modem User Guide
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General AT command reference manual (.pdf file) It does not include V.92 commands.

V.92 AT command reference manual (.pdf file) for all ACCURA V.92 modems.
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